Is Concierge Medicine Worth It?

Concierge medicine, or CPD, has yet to be proven to improve health outcomes, but some data suggests that patients are more satisfied with the service. It is important to note that a concierge membership is not a substitute for health insurance. You will still need to pay out of pocket for specialist visits, prescriptions, and hospital visits that you would have with a traditional primary care doctor. Concierge medicine is focused on preventive care rather than treating the sick.

One of the major benefits of concierge models is the personalized care they provide. With fewer patients, doctors can spend more time with each one. This can lead to faster diagnoses and treatments for life-threatening conditions. Many concierge doctors offer same-day or next-day appointments, longer consultations, home visits, rapid emergency care, and preventive exams and tests that are not covered by most insurance plans.

The switch to a concierge model can be beneficial for both doctors and patients. By removing many of the obstacles that can take up a doctor's time, patients can be sure that they are receiving their full attention. Additionally, your health and wellbeing are prioritized. We believe that you can have a better healthcare experience if you choose concierge care, but you should understand the fees and limitations of the system.

Nowadays, with concierge doctors' offices, those who cannot afford the fees will know people who can and will receive the best care simply because they can afford it. Concierge medicine was created in the 1990s as an alternative to volume-based healthcare models in which doctors are paid based on the number of services they provide and must therefore care for more patients in a day, reducing the time spent with each individual patient. However, concierge medicine still represents an expense that many people cannot afford, especially since most people still need insurance to cover what the advance fee does not (Obamacare and other insurance providers cover many procedures that a concierge membership does not).

Gus Patel
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