Does canada have concierge doctors?

Cleveland Clinic Canada's assisted medicine program offers you personalized, direct access to a dedicated doctor and health care team 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This includes healthcare navigation, lifestyle management and chronic disease management. Your primary care doctor is your primary care provider. At IHM we believe that the most valuable luxury is time.

When you have a medical problem, you are the top priority. Your HMI doctor will block you out for an entire afternoon if you need medical attention. No waiting rooms, no delays and no frustration. Good old fashioned care that uses modern technology and a patient-centered approach.

Leveraging concierge services to provide medical care in clinics and at home will help further expand the company in the field of healthcare and, at the same time, provide solutions to patients who need timely care. Dr. Jibran Sharif, MD, CCFP EM, RDMS, is the founder and president of Concierge Medical Consultants, is a passionate advocate for concierge medicine and believes that all patients should have robust, timely and personalized access to health professionals. In addition, ScreenPro's subsidiary, Concierge Medical, is a group of board-certified doctors who provide private, discreet and personalized health care to Canadians.

With the current demand in the health system and the rapid growth of the home care market, the company is confident in the option of expanding Concierge services. In these difficult times, immediate access to a health professional can be difficult. Concierge is here to make things easier, said Dr. The company's prestigious care service expects to achieve great popularity in Vancouver with its premium health care program, which offers a complete concierge health management system through personalized medical and non-medical care.

This partnership connects Concierge to a network of women who are actively seeking wellness services during pregnancy, allowing Concierge's intravenous (IV) vitamin therapy services to gain more ground, have more potential patients, and ultimately generate more sales and profits.

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