What Does It Mean to Have Concierge Service?

Concierge service is a type of hospitality that provides guests with assistance in performing various tasks. This could include making restaurant reservations, booking hotels, organizing spa services, recommending nightlife spots, and booking transportation such as taxis, limousines, planes, and boats. The concierge is responsible for providing local information and helping guests plan activities during their stay. In some cases, the concierge will create a detailed itinerary for the guest, while in other cases they simply answer questions or point the guest in the right direction.

Concierge companies assign travel custodians to their clients who take care of everything when their employers plan to travel regionally, nationally, or internationally. Janitors are best known for stepping in to solve problems or offering unexpected benefits. However, true concierge service is about taking the pain out of an otherwise painful experience. The relationship between the guest and the concierge begins as soon as the room is booked.

Some custodians help employers maintain good employer-employee relations, others deal with customer complaints, some offer personal trip planning services, while others provide all of these services acting as personal assistants or lifestyle managers. Nowadays there are several well-established concierge firms and services that have personal janitors on their lists. Janitors who know how to take advantage of different digital devices to their advantage are also known as digital janitors. Guests often request discounts and benefits from the concierge, so if your hotel has a loyalty program, the concierge can be a great spokesperson.

With the new increase in demand and supply of concierge services, the future of concierge services looks very promising. A personal concierge handles household chores while corporate custodians help their employers perform their business tasks, jobs and errands. The global reach of the Internet has facilitated the rise of an entirely new class of janitors called digital janitors. The hotel concierge is one of the oldest and most frequent forms of concierge service offered to VIP and high-net-worth customers. It helps guests make reservations for flights, hotels and restaurants, book transportation, organize meetings with customers, take care of home improvements, etc.

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