What is a Concierge Membership? A Comprehensive Guide

Concierge care is a relatively new approach to primary care that provides a more personalized and improved physician-patient relationship. Patients pay a membership fee to a general practitioner, similar to the advance fee paid to a lawyer. This fee grants access to services and amenities that Medicare doesn't cover. The concierge membership is a form of guidance for cultivating a relationship between a person and their doctor.

It allows for direct access and connection between the patient and the doctor, creating a bond that is sacred and different from most. Concierge medicine also allows doctors to limit the number of patients they accept into their office, providing greater availability and access for those who are part of the concierge medicine program. However, it is not a substitute for health insurance, especially if you need to see a specialist or have a condition that requires treatment that your primary care doctor cannot provide. Buda has decided to speak out against the current system and is changing the way health care is managed through the concierge membership approach.

If you're looking for low-cost health insurance, consider companies that promote the concierge service.

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